Enigma Aura Area Rug
Enigma Aura Area Rug

Enigma Aura Area Rug


We married a warm, versatile look with the glamour and comfort of exclusive synthetic yarns, resulting in our Karastan Enigma Aura rug. No matter where you feature it, comfort and style will follow..

  • Exclusive triexta Smartstrand yarns as well as shiny viscose lend a velvety feel and shimmering look to this unique collection.
  • Warm, earthy tones and a simple, transitional design grant this chic piece incredible versatility, so it can complement a traditional bedroom just as easily as a modern home office.
  • Featuring a high pile of synthetic and viscose yarns, our power-loomed rug is both soft and shiny.
  • Remove embedded pet hairs and debris by gently brushing or sweeping your rug every few weeks.

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